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You are the owner of a holiday home on the Costa Brava within our working area, in or around Playa de Aro. In order to optimally enjoy your home yourself, you want to outsource a number of maintenance tasks (for example garden and pool) and / or administrative matters (for example with service utilities service companies of water and electricity) to an experienced Property Manager.


The multi-lingual team of Robin Veerman Property Management SL has been active in the Spanish real estate sector since 2004 and offers you its services with full confidence.

Property Management Services

Vacuuming Couch

With Property Management via ROBIN VEERMAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SL you choose a reliable partner, your property is well maintained and you can always count on us, so that you are assured of advice or solution for most questions and problems, and you can enjoy your property in Spain optimally.


This service forms the basis of our relationship with your home and with you. We will inspect your home regularly. Checking your home is the basis for us to be able to think along with you about your home. You know that a key to your home is always kept by us. You can contact us, and we will consider you as a client for whom we are ready!

We respond promptly to non-complex matters and those are included in Basic Property Management. More complex matters, and for which we have to relocate or enter into a dialogue with third parties, we will consult with you at an affordable Spanish hourly rate.


Our attractive prices for Property Management are based on the fact that non-urgent matters, contact and consultation about your property largely go through e-mail and / or WhatsApp. Of course, urgent matters can be done by telephone. The costs of Basic Property Management are only €50 per month.



We carefully manage the keys that you provide us, so that you or your guests and / or tenants are always assured of a spare key at a reliable address. We advise you to start with replacing the old locks with new locks from the moment that you are the new owner of the property.


During your absence we are the permanent manager / contact person, so maintenance companies, neighbours, association of owners, police or others can come to us. You can make our contact details known to them. We know a lot of people, companies and organizations here in the area, so that our good name and commitment to your home will benefit you. We have a large network and good local contacts with municipalities, authorities, police, utilities, etc. and have years of experience in the field of property management / Property Management within the area of ​​the Costa Brava around Playa de Aro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, S ' Agaro, Castell d'Aro, Santa Cristina d'Aro, Sant Antoni de Calonge, Calonge and Palamos. We can support you with construction, legal, bureaucratic and / or tax matters that you may be dealing with. But also, in the field of excursions, transport, entertainment, catering, hospitality, medical care or any other theme. We are your Personal Assistant - Personal Shopper.


Your home is within our working area. During each check we check the condition of your home for burglary, leaks, water or storm damage and we let your home ventilate at the same time, we flush the toilets and drains and we check facilities such as: electricity, water, gas, gas oil, telephone , Internet, etc. In the summer months when you are there or if your guests are present, we will be effectively tailored to your / their absence. In the winter months we inspect periodically and after severe weather conditions. In the event of an emergency, we will contact you immediately. We can then take the necessary actions and possibly engage external companies, after you have given your permission.


We only manage the cleaning of the property for Property Management clients. We do not sell or mediate in "separate" one-time cleaning service. The costs of the cleaning itself (this work is done by an external collaborating partner of ours) are added to your monthly Property Management invoice.


Our Holiday Rental Services add essential value to the rental of your Spanish property. You can make our service part of your proposition to your tenants by investing in our rental services.

Because every property is different and every owner has different wishes, you can easily put together your own service pack with us by adding services to Basic Property Management.


All our services are performed by officially insured staff or cooperating companies with officially insured staff.


For questions or comments, or in case you wish to receive our complete Property Management Services price list, please use the contact form on this website or call Robin on +34 671 224 320.


You can also make an appointment at our office. Please let us know in advance when you want to come in order to ensure that the right contact person is available for you.


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