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A perfect location for having your second home in Spain where you will feel comfortable and never be bored. A location where the whole family can enjoy themselves all year round. 

​Activities to practice such as Golf, Kayaking, Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Sea Swimming, Fishing, Underwater Sports, Cycling, Horse Riding, Outdoor Climbing, Skiing, Pitch & Put, Tennis, Badminton, Paddle, Fitness, Dancing, Cinemas, Tapas, Dining and Wine, Michelin Star Restaurants, Typical Catalan Restaurants, Life Music, Bars, Discos, Shopping and much more. All companies are open 365 days a year, which is why the number "365" is included in the logo of the bustling seaside resort of Platja D'Aro.

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Why would someone buy a (second) home in Spain?

When you decide to invest in buying a villa or apartment in a beautiful, sunny foreign location, this can truly enrich your life. Owning your own property in Spain allows you to regularly get away from your permanent home and all your obligations there, which can provide much peace and more time for relaxing activities. Because you go there more and more often, you become more and more familiar with the area, so you get to know the best spots and places, and it becomes a kind of "coming home" every time you are there. You could say pure life enrichment.


Why is Platja D'Aro a perfect location for owning a (second) home?

Platja D'Aro and the surrounding villages have beautiful nature and are known as a safe and lively area where everything is open all year round. This makes the area perfect for owning a second home. With the great variety and many activities you can undertake here, there is always something to do here. So family members who just want to do nothing can enjoy their peace and quiet in the beautiful nature here while others enjoy themselves being active.


In addition to an existing permanent population, many citizens from the nearby metropolis of Barcelona and the south of neighbouring France own their weekend/holiday homes here, ensuring a pleasant, lively atmosphere and activity all year round. Platja D'Aro (Playa de Aro), Castell D'Aro, S'Agaro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Santa Cristina D'Aro, Calonge and Sant Antoni de Calonge and Palamos have, as it were, grown together. These cosy, historic Mediterranean villages blend into each other. From one end to the other, it is a maximum of 15 minutes by car. You can live in one of the seven villages in this beautiful green area and enjoy the facilities of all of them.

In this prosperous Mediterranean coastal area, you can enjoy the natural beauty and 300 days of sunshine a year. Here, you can breathe wonderful, fresh, clean air and walk and cycle blissfully through the beautiful green nature. Or take a dip in the clean turquoise blue clear waters on one of the many beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava or relax to the sound of the crickets while watching the setting yellow-red sun and enjoy delicious Catalan cuisine.


What is the status of accessibility and infrastructure?

The Costa Brava, the Platja D'Aro area and the surrounding villages are very easily accessible by plane because there are two airports nearby: Girona at 30 km and Barcelona at 115 km. You can also easily arrive here via the (high-speed) train that stops at Girona Trains Station. What makes the Costa Brava extra attractive for many people is that you can comfortably get here with your own car from most European countries. See the distances table via this link: Driving distances to Playa De Aro


What are the medical facilities like in the area in and around Platja D'Aro?

In the city of Girona (30 Km) there is a large regional state hospital and several private clinics where you can go with your international card. But also in Palamos (8 Km from Platja D'Aro) there is a large regional state hospital. In Platja D'Aro itself there is the renowned Bofill hospital and the Aro Medics health center, both with international services. There are also various general practitioner posts. The aesthetic clinics are also represented and you can find various SPA, Massage, Beauty salons here.

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