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Hello, my name is Robin Veerman. I have been living and working permanently and happily here in Playa de Aro for more than twenty years now. Although I am Dutch, Spain feels now like my homeland. I just love to live here. In daily life, I work in the international real estate sector which allows me the pleasure of helping couples from Europe and other places around the world with the exciting process of buying a beautiful Spanish home in a safe way here in the Costa Brava area.



On this website, my colleagues and I share with you information about this fantastic Mediterranean coastal town and the neighbouring towns and surroundings. The information we share with you on this website is divided into the sections "TIPS & LINKS" and "EVENTS & NEWS". You will see that the name Playa de Aro as it is written in Spanish is also written in Catalan as "Platja D'Aro" which is how the local people pronounce it.

This website deals mostly with topics related to owning a property in the area of Platja D'Aro, and also provides many tips and links to make your stay here as pleasant as possible as quickly as possible. International clients who purchased a property here in recent years with whom we shared our tips & links expressed their gratitude to us and have encouraged us to dedicate this website to it so that you too can benefit from it.

We provide information about the southern part of the Costa Brava, with its famous resorts such as Platja D'Aro (Playa de Aro), S'Agaro, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Santa Cristina D'Aro, Castell D'Aro, Calonge, Sant Antoni de Calonge and Llagostera a little inland. A wonderful area in the province of Girona just a two hours flight from most European cities and also easily accessible by car. Of course, there are many other beautiful areas in the large sunny Spanish peninsula but we focus here in this informative website only on the area in and around Playa de Aro, for us of course the best area of all 😀


This area is also the active working area of the real estate agency (Lucas Fox Platja D'Aro) of which I am the director. This area is known as a vibrant, year-round area making it perfect for owning a second home. With the wide variety and many activities one can do here, no one will ever be bored here. Many citizens from the nearby metropolis of Barcelona and also from the south of neighbouring France own second homes here, which ensures that there is always a cosy lively, atmosphere and activity all year round.

Here you can enjoy the natural beauty of this Mediterranean coastal area and the 300 days of sunshine per year. You can breathe wonderful fresh clean air and walk and cycle in the beautiful green nature. Or take a dip in the clean turquoise blue waters on one of the numerous beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava or relax to the sound of crickets while watching the setting yellow-red sun and enjoying the delicious Catalan cuisine.

On this website, we share with you all our Tips & Links that will give you access to useful information about this Mediterranean region that we have discovered, experienced and collected over the past 20 years. Take advantage of it for yourself! 

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful area of Spain as much as we do.


Info Playa De Aro 

Robin Veerman

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