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Discover the allure of furniture crafted from scaffold wood, a beloved choice in the Netherlands for its affordability, durability, and contemporary designs, now available in Northern Spain through Madera Holandes. This seasoned wood, weathered by years of harsh conditions, is expertly transformed into solid furniture pieces that require minimal maintenance while retaining their natural color.

Based in Besalú, Girona, Madera Holandes takes pride in offering a diverse range of standard furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, armchairs, loungers, and more. Additionally, they are pleased to accommodate custom requests, tailoring designs and dimensions to suit individual preferences.

Their furniture seamlessly complements both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it an ideal choice for various projects such as furnishing shops, installing stands, decking out terraces, and beyond. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Madera Holandes ensures seamless delivery of their products straight to the customer's doorstep. 

Experience the versatility and durability of scaffold wood furniture firsthand with Madera Holandes.

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Phone: +34663895059


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